Matina & Ilya's Wedding Fundraiser for Refugees

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Submitted by Matina Stevis on Fri, 02/17/2017 - 13:16


Dear friends,

As many of you will know we are getting married this year. Matina's heritage is from Chios, a Greek island off the coast of Turkey, and one of the main gateways for refugees and migrants into the European Union. 

As you're considering a gift to us, please think about donating to this cause.

We believe in the work that MSF does in Greece to help thousands of refugees, many of them children, stuck on Chios and elsewhere without access to decent healthcare or other services.

More than 3,000 migrants and refugees are on Chios, and dozens of thousands more across the country.

Greece's economy and social fabric are extremely strained because of the ongoing financial crisis, making the public sector and ordinary people unable to respond in a collective way.

In small communities like Chios, the conditions that refugees and migrants live under are creating a powderkeg, with locals increasingly frustrated with the situation, and their own problems to deal with because of high unemployment rates and isolation from the mainland.

The refugee crisis has created too many victims inside and outside the camps, and on Chios, that is felt daily.

We know MSF operates according to the highest humanitarian principles, uncompromised by political or other masters.

We believe helping them do their work in Greece is helping  refugees, migrants and Greeks tackle a massive problem that would otherwise fester unaddressed.

Please take the opportunity of our wedding celebration to help them continue their invaluable work. 

*Picture: Matina Stevis/The Wall Street Journal


We would like to raise:2 000,00 €
3025€ από τα 2000€ στόχο

So far we have raised:

22xMedical Kit
18xTherapeutic food
15xDrugs for HIV/AIDS
11xSurvival blankets