Survival blankets

In 2015, over 800.000 refugees and migrants crossed the Aegean to find refuge in Europe. Most come from war-torn countries, primarily Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Their voyage is difficult and dangerous, especially during the winter when temperatures are particularly low. One of the essential tools for our search and rescue teams in the Aegean are survival blankets, since many of those rescued suffer from hypothermia.

Since the beginning of May, MSF has assisted 23.000 people in the Mediterranean Sea and 10.500 in the Aegean Sea to safety

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Measles is a highly contagious viral disease and remains one of the leading causes of death among young children.  These deaths are avoidable as a measles vaccine exists which is both effective and inexpensive. However, in developing countries, children are usually not vaccinated due to wars, poverty and a lack of immunization programs, thus leaving them vulnerable to the disease.

In 2013, MSF treated 129.870 people for measles and vaccinated 2.497.255 people in response to measles outbreaks.

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Drugs for HIV/AIDS

To date, 40 million people have been infected by the HIV/AIDS virus. Thanks to antiretroviral therapy, the virus is no longer a death sentence for patients. Antiretroviral drugs help combat the virus and enable people to live longer, healthier lives without their immune system rapidly declining. But the high cost of treatment makes it prohibitive for many patients, particularly in developing countries, who are unable to pay for it.

At the end of 2013, we had 341,645 HIV patients registered under our care and 325,500 patients on first-line antiretroviral treatment.


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The stethoscope is one of the most essential tools MSF doctors and nurses use in the field. Used to listen to and check on heart and lung function through sound, stethoscopes are important in helping to detect pneumonia, respiratory infections and tuberculosis. Conditions like these are very common and seen by MSF doctors in the field every day.

MSF conducted over 8 million outpatient consultations in 2015

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Therapeutic food

Malnutrition threatens the lives of 20 million children around the world. In recent years, ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) is being used to treat malnutrition. RUTF is a peanut-based paste that contains all the nutrients necessary to fight malnutrition. They help restore and maintain the body weight and health of severely malnourished children, allowing them to survive and develop properly.

MSF admitted 217.900 malnourished patients to nutrition programs in 2014.

Therapeutic food 20,00 €

In 2015, over 800.000 people, most of them Syrian refugees, chose to traverse the dangerous sea crossing from Turkey in the hope of reaching Greece alive. Hundreds however lost their lives in the Aegean during the trip.

In response to this crisis, for the first time ever, MSF began search and rescue missions for those who were at danger in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas.

MSF provides lifejackets to people during their rescue, before they are transferred to the rescue ship. The life-jacket has self-righting capacity and helps those wearing it keep their heads supported above the water.

Since the beginning of May, MSF has assisted 23.000 people in the Mediterranean Sea and 10.500 in the Aegean Sea to safety


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