The stethoscope is one of the most essential tools MSF doctors and nurses use in the field. Used to listen to and check on heart and lung function through sound, stethoscopes are important in helping to detect pneumonia, respiratory infections and tuberculosis. Conditions like these are very common and seen by MSF doctors in the field every day.

MSF conducted over 8 million outpatient consultations in 2015

Story from the field

The girl is very tired. When I put the stethoscope on her chest, her big eyes just look at me. The stethoscope diaphragm covers the entire left side of her chest. I can count all the ribs with my eyes. Inside, her little heart is ticking too fast, a sign of dehydration. Her little body does not have many reserves. I decide to admit her to our intensive care unit, which opens today.

In the ambulance, she deteriorates. She becomes the first patient in our intensive care unit. Here everything is ready: doctor, nurse, beds, enriched milk, antibiotics.

Welcome, little girl. We are here for you.

Thomas Silfverberg, Doctor, Madagascar