In 2015, over 800.000 refugees and migrants crossed the Aegean to find refuge in Europe. Most come from war-torn countries, primarily Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Their voyage is difficult and dangerous, especially during the winter when temperatures are particularly low. One of the essential tools for our search and rescue teams in the Aegean are survival blankets, since many of those rescued suffer from hypothermia.

Since the beginning of May, MSF has assisted 23.000 people in the Mediterranean Sea and 10.500 in the Aegean Sea to safety

Story from the field

«My two daughters were killed when our house was struck by a bomb. I did not have time to mourn them because I had to save the rest of my family. The voyage was a nightmare. I was so afraid that I closed my eyes so that I could not see death. The water was coming into the boat and we were all getting wet, the children too.»