Malnutrition threatens the lives of 20 million children around the world. In recent years, ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) is being used to treat malnutrition. RUTF is a peanut-based paste that contains all the nutrients necessary to fight malnutrition. They help restore and maintain the body weight and health of severely malnourished children, allowing them to survive and develop properly.

MSF admitted 217.900 malnourished patients to nutrition programs in 2014.

Story from the field
David de Souza, doctor at MSF’s nutritional program in South Ethiopia
Bouzounes came to us barefoot in the rain, carrying her two-year-old brother Mamouse on her back and begging us to help him. Mamouse was very ill and malnourished nearly to the point of death.
Initially, we could only give him milk… after the first days of treatment with therapeutic food, he recovered and we were able to see him without the sad look he had had on his face.